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Tournament Name:  SUPER WORLD - North/Central - LOCATION CHANGE - Men's Silver
Created:  8/31/2020  By:  SUPERCENT
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Dates:  10/2/2020 to 10/4/2020
Last Date to Enter:  9/18/2020
Division:  Men
Program:  Adult Slow
Class(es):  Silver
Age Group:  Adult
Tournament Type:  Super World
Game Format:  3 Game Format
Open Signup:  Yes
Must Qualify:  Yes
Fee:  $450.00
Field Count:  5
Max. Teams:  UNL
Berth:  No
Berth Count:  0
PrePay Req'd:  Yes
Park Details/Location:  
Park Name:  Northwest Park
Address:  1600 W. Judson Rd, Kokomo, IN
Phone:  765-730-0891
Lighted Fields:  5
Tournament Comments:  

Welcome to the NSA Super World Series - Chase the Rings!

Super World Series Champions will receive up to fifteen (15) Championship Rings.
Sponsor and Individual Team Awards will be given for a minimum of 1st through 3rd Place – Dudley Merchandise
MVP and All Super World Team Awards will be given.

Please sign up for the tournament if you are planning to attend.

Teams are required to QUALIFY (receive a berth) and VALIDATE the berth as listed on the Super World website.

Entry Procedures:
1. QUALIFY for the NSA Super World – Check out the Participation Berths available and WATCH for DEADLINES!

2. Enter your team online at

3. Submit ENTRY FORM – Electronically from site.
The form is at the very bottom of the main page of the site.

4. Submit Payment (Early Entry Discount available.)
To Pay Online by Charge CLICK HERE – Use the discount code EARLYSUPER to receive $50 off before
August 1st
Pay by money order or cashier’s check:
Please make Money Order or Cashier’s Check make payable to NSA and mail to:

Postal Service (USPS):
NSA - Super World
P.O. BOX 7
Nicholasville, KY 40340

UPS or FedEx:
NSA - Super World
103 Bradley Drive
Nicholasville, KY 40356

5. VALIDATE the berth.
It is the team's responsibility to ensure they meet VALIDATION requirements and deadlines. Failure to do so will
result in loss of berth and any travel monies won.

More details available at
How to Qualify & Validate Berths

DEADLINES (Shown under General Information)

The tournament will be run in accordance to the NSA rules and bylaws.
For the NORTH/CENTRAL Super World Series – ROSTER ADDITION DEADLINE: September 25, 2020

If a FRIDAY DATE IS LISTED as the start date of the tournament: The tournament is planning to begin on FRIDAY,
and your team may be required to play on FRIDAY as early as 8:00 AM.
We know that start time information is important
to you and your team and we will verify this with coaches as soon as we can determine after the entry deadline.

There are NO entry refunds after the entry deadline. Entry into any NSA tournament constitutes acknowledgement and
agreement to the refund policy and all the rules and bylaws of the National Softball Association.

Thank you for choosing NSA.

Registered Teams:  
Merchants [IN]
Peak Softball [MI]
Rock'em Sock'em[MI]
Rock Run[IN]
Anonymous [MI]
KnuckleHeads/Elite Gear/Preferred Flooring MI LLC[MI]
Hail / C3 / Jedco[MI]
Urban Cowboys[MI]
Twitch [MI]
Salty Unicorns[MI]
Damage Softball[MI]
Wilson Concrete[IN]
Bang Bros[IN]
Sports Reach[KY]
Gotta Glove It[IN]
Punishers/Schwintek/J&M Home Solutions[IN]
Fort Wayne Fantom[IN]
Dream and Duplications Turf Management (Delirium)[IN]
Sweet Spot[IN]
Hostile Takeover [KY]
Teams Planning To Play: