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Created:  1/1/2018  By:  JKIMMEL
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Dates:  4/28/2018 to 4/29/2018
Last Date to Enter:  4/25/2018
Division:  Men
Program:  Adult Slow
Class(es):  Silver
Age Group:  Adult
Tournament Type:  Super World Series NIT
Game Format:  3 Game Format
Open Signup:  No
Must Qualify:  No
Fee:  $325.00
Field Count:  5
Max. Teams:  UNL
Berth:  Yes
Berth Count:  1
PrePay Req'd:  Yes
Park Details/Location:  
Park Name:  Northwest Park
Address:  1600 W. Judson Rd, Kokomo, IN
Phone:  765-730-0891
Lighted Fields:  5
Tournament Comments:  
The teams have requested more games and additional travel money to the Super Worlds. We will use the 3 game bracket in all NITs and the winning team will receive $50.00 per team and the runner-up receives $25.00 per team.
All 2018 NSA Super World NITs will be run under the same format. The winning team will receive an unpaid berth to the 2018 NSA Super World Series, World Series and Super Regional. The top team will receive the above berths and will receive $50.00 per team in travel funds. The travel funds will be paid at the 2018 NSA Super World Series. Providing there are ten (10+) teams in the division, a second set of berths will be awarded and $25.00 per team in travel funds to the Super World Series To validate the Super Regional and World Series, and Super World Series berth, the team MUST participate in the 2018 NSA State Championship. The team(s) winning the Super World Series berth are also required to participate in either the NSA Super Regional or World Series.

The team(s) winning the berth to their respective Super World Series MUST submit the entry fee to the Super World within ten (10) days of the conclusion of this NIT. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a forfeit of the berths and travel funds. Those berths and funds will be passed down.

The deadline to enter this event will be Monday April 23, 2018 at 6PM. The brackets will be emailed to the team coach and will be posted at www.playnsaindiana,com by 6PM Wednesday April 25, 2018.

Rosters will be frozen at 12PM (noon) Friday April 27, 2018. There will be NO PLAYER(S) ADDED to the roster after that time. Players will NOT be added the day of the event.

Once the brackets are released there will be NO REFUND of entry fees. All players and team coach must sign in with the tournament Director prior to playing.
Registered Teams:  
Merchants softball[IN]
Valor Softball[IN]
Down & Dirty[IN]
Cedar Creek[IN]
Borderline Softball[IN]
Delirium Softball[IN]
Salon 911[IN]
Nemesis/Pedal City/Poormans[IN]
Teams Planning To Play: