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Tournament Name:  NSA River Valley Raid - Cancelled
Created:  9/18/2017  By:  JJANDERSON-OH
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Dates:  6/8/2018 to 6/10/2018
Last Date to Enter:  5/10/2018
Division:  Girls
Program:  Fast Pitch
Class(es):  Class A Class B Class C
Age Group:  Youth
Age(s):  10u 12u 14u 16u
Tournament Type:  World Qualifier
Game Format:  4 Game Format
Open Signup:  Yes
Must Qualify:  No
Fee:  $375.00
Field Count:  11
Max. Teams:  UNL
Berth:  Yes
Berth Count:  2
PrePay Req'd:  Yes
Park Details/Location:  
Park Name:  River Valley Baseball For Youth Complex
Address:  2250 Harding Highway East, Marion - 43302, OH
Lighted Fields:  0
Comments:  Fields are dragged and lined before first game of the day. There is touch up after each game if needed and a mid day recondition of the fields. There are 8 fields fenced at 200', 2 fenced at 175', 1 fenced at 275'. These are proportionate for youth softball/baseball and not adult fields converted into youth fields.
Rules:  Parking charge of $6 per day or $10 for the weekend. For 3 day events, there is a 3 day pass available for $15 for the weekend. Up to 2 coaches permitted free. RVBFY does also allow campers for $25 per day. Coaches passes will not cover the cost. Plenty of warm up space. Onsite concessions, coolers permitted. NO GRILLES! This is a fire hazard. 1. No “soft toss” or peppering against fences. This causes the fencing to bow out creating a hazard. Do not allow children to climb up fencing, batting cages, trees, and/or dugouts. 2. No alcoholic beverages allowed in complex. Players or spectators under the influence of alcohol will be removed from complex and tournament. 3. Person using vulgarity at the complex whether player or spectator will be removed from the premises for the remainder of the day. 4. Any player, coaches or spectators involved in fighting will be removed from the game and premises for the rest of the tournament. 5. Any individual, player, or spectator involved in a threatening way (Determined by RVBFY Board Member and/or umpire) to a RVBFY Board member, volunteer, or umpire will be removed from the tournament and the complex indefinitely. 6. No unsportsmanlike like conduct will be allowed. 7. NO GRILLS are allowed in the park. It is the renter responsibility to pass this on to the coaches/teams participating in the tournament. 8. No smoking near the fields or players (Children). Smoking can be done in the parking areas away from others.
Tournament Comments:  
3 pool games and single elimination tournament.

If you posses the NSA West Point Insurance, you may deduct $25 from your entry fee. If you do not, the host will purchase the NSA West Point weekend policy for your team.(only good for this event)

Teams can pay online at or mail a check to:

ETS Sports
PO Box 3542
Muncie, IN 47307

For more info please email or call 765-216-5662
Registered Teams:  
Ohio Monsters 14U Purple[OH]
blackhawk's grit[OH]
Ohio Monsters 12U Green[OH]
Ohio Monsters 10U[OH]
hittsville lady colts[OH]
Bellville Blacksox[OH]
Teams Planning To Play: