Team Classification Calculator By Player

Instructions:  Use this page to estimate the classification level of a PlayNSA team based upon your NSA players entered below. Your team's estimated classification will be displayed as soon as enough players are provided. Make changes to your entries to see how that might affect your team's classification as desired.
NSA Player Point Values
Major Restricted List 12 pts
Restricted Watch List 10 pts
Elite Super World Champs 9 pts
Elite + 9 pts
Elite 8 pts
Gold Super World Champs 8 pts
Gold + 7 pts
Gold 6 pts
Silver Super World Champs 6 pts
Silver + 5 pts
Silver 4 pts
Bronze Super World Champs 4 pts
Bronze + 3 pts
Bronze 2 pts
Other Association Classifications
A & B 10 pts
C 8 pts
D 6 pts
E 4 pts
NSA Team Classification Points
Elite 77.01 to 105
Gold 53.01 to 77
Silver 29.01 to 53
Bronze 24 to 29
Major Restricted List
Restricted Watch List
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 Team Class Calculation Rules
  • At least 12 players needed
  • Max 25 players per team
  • Players must have at least 1 year of points
  • Top 12 players used to classify