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NSA Approved Bat List

Several questions have come up recently regarding the old NSA Approved Bat List that NSA use to provide on the website -- that list is no longer used by NSA as the new requirement effective 1/1/2015 requires that all NSA approved bats must be from one of the APPROVED BAT COMPANIES and bear the NSA 2012 logo.

NSA is working to have the old NSA approved bat list removed from the Google search engine since it is not an active link from the website. Any third party list or website is invalid.

  • Choke Grip: Choke Grip []
  • H & B: [BW1]
  • Power Wrap: [Power Wrap]
  • PyroFlite: Microwaveable Bat Warmer [(NOT TO BE SWUNG IN THE ON DECK CIRCLE)]
  • Swing Sock: [Swing Sock]
  • Tater Grip: Tater Grip []
  • Worth: [WBS]