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NSA Rule Book
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Case Book                                                                                                                

NSA Slow Pitch Umpire Manual    updated 01-10-2013 with diagrams

NSA Fast Pitch Umpire Manual


Adult Slowpitch Field Dimensions

Fastpitch Field Dimensions


2014 NSA Rulebook - includes all rule changes

By Laws - slowpitch and fastpitch

2014 Slowpitch Section of Rulebook

2014 Fastpitch Section of Rulebook


Slow Pitch Rule 3 Amendment - Effective 4/22/2013

2015 Slow Pitch Rule Changes

2014-2015 Fast Pitch Rule Changes

Page 25 --Rule 5 The Game - Section 5 (Exception) The run rule for Elite was removed from rulebook by mistake.
Elite run rule should be 20 runs after 3 & 4 innings and 12 after 5 innings. Rule change was for Gold, Silver and Bronze only.

Page 39 -- Rule 8 Baserunning - Section 7 (j) Clarification
Exception is listed below letter (j) on the same page and not on the next page as the highlighted wording indicate

The DH should be inserted into the line up in the position for which she is batting ie.  &.  The person being DH'd for should be inserted at the bottom of the line up card.  ie if the team is hitting 9 players; the player being DH'd for shall be put in the 10th position in the line-up with her defensive position recorded in the appropriate spot on the line-up card.

Beginning with Championship play in 2014 (Championship play includes all NIT’s, State, Regional, World and Super World Series tournaments) the .52 c.o.r. 275lb compression ball will be mandatory. Beginning 1/1/15 the .52 c.o.r. 275lb compression softball will be mandatory for all NSA Play. NSA recommends that all Silver and Bronze play use the .52 c.o.r. 275lb compression ball beginning 1/1/2013

In 2011 the NSA announced a new 2012 bat standard and bat logo for its bats.  Beginning 1/1/15 all bats used for NSA play will have to bear the NSA 2012 logo.  See Rule 3 of the official NSA Rule Book for the logo.  No bats will be grandfathered in that DO NOT bear that logo, No exceptions.  NSA feels that this 4 year process has been fair and ample time to get plenty of use out of the bats not bearing the logo.


Multi Layered Softballs will be BANNED effective June 1, 2012.