Approved Bat List
The following companies have signed the 2016 NSA Bat Agreement. Bats that meet the NSA bat standards manufacturered by these companies will be added to the approved bat list effective January 1, 2016.
Last Updated 10/24/2016. (Bats shown in RED have been added since January 1, 2016)

Destiny [FPDSTY2K14]Vanquish FP [FPVQSH2K12]

2005 RocketTech FP []2007 RockeTech FP [FP017007]Ignite [SP011034]
Ignite FP -10 [017025]Kelly "Wraptech" []KFP [FP017017]
KSP [SP011023]Nano Tek [SP011026]NanoTek FP -10 [017023]
NanoTek FP -10 [017023]NanoTek FP -12 [017026]NanoTek FP -12 [017026]
NanoTek SP Alpha [011030]NanoTek SP Alpha [011030]NanoTek SP Omega [011031]
NanoTek SP Omega [011031]PyroTech FP [FP017012]PyroTech SP [SP 011019]
RockeTech [FP 017016]RockeTech FP [FP017019]RockeTech SP [011032]
RockeTech SP [SP 011028]RocketTech [FP017014]RocketTech CK- Composite Killer []
RocketTech FP [FP017011]RocketTech Reloaded []RocketTech SP [SP011020]
RockTech FP -9 [017022]Techwrap []TechZilla [FP 017015]
TechZilla [FP017013]TechZilla - Composite Killer []TechZilla FP [FP017020]
TechZilla FP -10 [017024]TechZilla Reborn []TechZilla SP [011033]
TechZilla SP [SP 011021]TechZilla SP [SP 011029]

Avenge [L150]AXE [L101]Axe Avenge [L154]

1st Degree Jeff Hall [BJH1]Bass [Bass1]Pinky []

The Bombshell [BHOS11]

Tsunami XRT [FPTS12]Tsunami XRT Composite -10 [FPTS10]Tsunami XRT Composite -10 [FPTS10]
Tsunami XRT Composite -12 [FPTS12]Tsunami XRT Composite -9 [FPTS9]Tsunami XRT Composite -9 [FPTS9]

Aerial Assault [ASUSP1]Anti Virus [VIRSP6]Anti-Virus [VIRSP2]
Avarice 98 [AVARSP2]Avarice G2 [AVASP3]Avaritia [AVARFP4]
Avaritia -10 [AVARFP3]Avaritia -8 [AVARFP1]Avaritia -9 [AVARFP2]
B1 DaBond Signature Series [B1SP1]B198 [B1SP2]Bruin [GEARFP1]
Combat 52 CAL Frank Henry Edition [FHSP1]Combat Avarice [AVARSP1]Combat B1 [B1FP1]
Combat B1 [B1SP1]Combat C4 [C4FP1]Combat C4 [C4SP1]
Combat Dan Smith Edition [VIPSP1-DS]Combat Derby Boys [DBSP1]Combat JM26 Wood [JMWSP1]
Combat Morphed Gear TT [GEARFP2]Combat Morphed OS [MORFP1]Combat Virus Morphed Fastpitch [VIMFP1]
Combat Virus Morphed SP [VIMSP1]Combatant [COMSP1]Derby Boys [DB427SP1]
Derby Boys [DBSP6]Derby Boys 275 [DB427SP2]Derby Girls [DGSP1]
Derby Girls 275 [GCBSP1]Gear [GEARSP1]Gear Afflicted [GEARSP3]
Gear Signature Series [GEARSP1-BB (Bryson Baker)]Gear Signature Series [GEARSP1-SB (Scott Brown)]Gear Supremacy [GearSP2]
Lisa Fernandez [LFFP3]Morphed Reload -10 [VIMFP4]Morphed Reload -8 [VIMFP2]
Morphed Reload -9 [VIMFP3]Morphed Reload SW -10 [VIMFP5]Morphed Reload SW-12 [VIMFP6]
Plague SP [VIPSP1]Portent SP [PORSP1]Pure [PURESP1]
Pure "Jeff Gare Edition" [PureSP1-JG]Pure98 [PURESP2]Rusty Bumgardner 98 [VirSP5-RB]
Scott Brown 98 [GearSP4-SB]Spike [SPIKSP1]Spiked "Rick Baker" [SPIKSP2]
Spiked Baker 98 [SPIKSP3]Supremacy Reloaded Jason Kendrick [GEARSP5-JK]SX3 Censored [CE 0601244]
SX3 Uncensored [SX3SP1]Throttle [CE 0601242]Virus [VIRSP1]
Virus Enhanced [VIRSP4]Virus Fastpitch [VIRFP1]Wanted [WANSP1]
Wanted 275 [WANSP2]Wanted SP [WANSP4]XR17 PLague [VIPG2]


375 [DXRZM]375 Fastpitch [DXFZM]Bruiser [DXBSP]
Bustos -13 [BFP10]BUSTOS -13 [BFP12]Cat (-13) [WTDXCAT]
Cat Fastpitch [DXCTF]CF3 Black (-10) [DXCFP]CF3 Black (-10) [WTDXCFP]
CF3 Black (-8) [WTDXCF8]CF3 Black (-9) [WTDSCFF]CF4 (-9) [CFP11]
CF4 Black (-10) [WTDXCFP]CF4 Hope [WTDXCFM]CF4 Insane (-10) [WTDXCFI-11]
CF4(-10) [WTDXCFP-11]CF4(-8) [WTDXCF8-11]CF4(-9) [WTDXCFF-11]
CF5 (-10) [CFP13]CF5 (-11) [CFS13]CF5 (-8) [CF*13]
CF5 (-9) [CFF13]CF5 -10 [CFP12]CF5 -11 [CFS12]
CF5 -8 [CF812]CF5 -9 [CFF12]CF5 Insane (-10) [CFI13]
CF6 -10 Insane [CFI-14]CF6 -11 [CFS-14]CF6 -8 [CF8-14]
CF6 -9 [CFF-14]CF6 Hope -10 [CFH-14]CF6-10 [CFP-14]
CF7 [CFF-15]CF7 (-11) [CFS-15]CF7 (-8) [CF8-15]
CF7 Hope (-10) [CFH-15]CF7 Insane (-10) [CFI-15]CF7(-10) [CFP-15]
Creature [WTDXLR8]Dark [DXDRK]DeMarini 375 MX [DXRZM]
DeMarini B52 [DXB52]DeMarini Classic [DXDBC]DeMarini Demolition [DXDML]
DeMarini Distance [DXDBD]DeMarini Distance AX [DXDBH]DeMarini Doublewall Fastpitch [DXDBB]
DeMarini F2 Fastpitch [DXFF2]DeMarini Fastpitch Fli [DXDBF]DeMarini Fatboy [DXDBT]
DeMarini Patriot Fastpitch [DXPTF]DeMarini Rayzr AX [DXRZH]DeMarini Rayzr Fastpitch [DXRZF]
DeMarini Reactor Fastpitch [DXRCT]DeMarini Ultimate Fastpitch [DXUFP]DeMarini Ultimate Weapon [DXUWE]
DeMarini Vexxum [DXVNS]DeMarini Vexxum Men's FP [DXVFB]Evo [DXEVO]
Evo AX [DXEVX]Evo Fastpitch [DXEVF]EvoAx [EVX-LE8]
F2 [DXSF2]F3 [DXSF3]F3 Fastpitch [DXFF3]
F375 [DXF75]F4 [WTDXSF4]F5 [SF512]
Flame [TS08-160]GTL CARTEL [GTL12]Hope -10 [CFH12]
Insane -10 [CFI12]J2 [WTDXNT2]Juggernaut [DXNAT]
Juggernaut 3 [NTU-13]Juggernaut OTC [DXNAU]Juice [DXUCE]
LC Legend [WTDXLCA]Medusa [DXMFP]Nitress Fastpitch [DXNFP]
Nitro [DXNSP]Nitro Fastpitch [DXNTF]One [ONE-14]
ONU [rd09-14]Onyx Fastpitch [DXONX]Phenix -10 Fastpitch [DXPNX]
Phenix Fastpitch -8 [DXPNO]RAW [RAW-14]Raw Steel [DXRAW]
Raw Steel [RAW12]Rayz [RZX-13]RD-28 Slowpitch Quad-wall [WTDXRD2]
SF5 []SF6 []Stadium [WTDXSTU]
Stadium 13" [STU-14]Stadium CL@@ 12" [ST2-14]Steel [WHI-14]
STEEL [WHI12]Tempest Fastpitch [DXTFP]The One [ONE12]
The One [WTDXONE]The One.12 [WTDXONA-11]Ultimate Weapon [DXUWE]
Vendetta (-10) [VCP-15]Vendetta (-12) [VCF-15]Vendetta C6 [VCF11]
Vendetta C6 [VCF13]Vendetta C6 [WTDXVCF]Vendetta C6 -12 [VCF12]
Vendetta C6 Rails [RD07-634]Vexxum Fastpitch [DXVFP]Voodoo (-10) [WTDXVDF]
White Steel [DXWHI]

Dicks Sporting Goods / ADIDAS
Vanquish [FPVQSG2K10]Vanquish [FPVQSH2K11]Vanquish [FPVQSH2K8]
Vanquish [FPVQSH2K9]

[S11] [S6] [S60]
[S80] [SCR1 CV12] [SCR1B CV12]
[SCX22] [SCX23] [SE710]
[SE910] [SE911] [SG3]
[SJ2] [SJ7] [SK10]
[SK12] [SK20] [SK26]
[SK27] [SK29] [SK31]
[SK31B] [SK60] [SK7]
[SK75] [SK8] [SK85]
[SRV3] [SRV4] [SRV4]
[SRV4B] [SRX4] [SRX4B]
[SSR2] [SSR3B] [SST1]
[SST1B] [ST100ZB] [ST110B]
[ST115] [ST2-Z] [ST2-ZB]
[ST3] [ST3-B] [ST5-Z]
[ST5-ZB] [ST6B] [SX100]
[SX10T] [SX18] [SX1T]
[SX2] [SX20] [SX30]
[SX35] [SX50B] [SX7]
[SX71] [SX81] [SX91]
[SX95] [SZ10] [SZ70-Z]
[SZ70-ZB] [SZ77] [SZ77-B]
[SZ9]-10 [SK25]Alpha -13 [FP13AL]
ATMOS -12 [SX82B]B1.0 [SP13B1]B1.0 [SP14B1]
B2.0 [SP13B2]B2.0 [SP14B2]Black Magic [SK90]
Black Magic [SX51]Black Magic [SX56]Black Max [S9]
Black Max [SK11]Black Max [SK9]BX.0 [SP14BX]
C-Core [SX80-C]CNT Stealth Comp [SCN7]CNT Stealth Comp + [SCN6]
CNT Stealth Comp -10 [SCN6B]CNT Stealth Comp -9 [SCN7B]ConneXion [ST10]
Connexion Z-Core [ST1-Z]Connexion Z-Core [ST1-ZB]ConneXion Z-Core [ST7-Z]
ConneXion Z-Core [ST7-ZB]ConneXion Z-Core [ST8-Z]ConneXion Z-Core [ST8-ZB]
CV12 [SCG1]CV12 [SCR1]CV12 [SCR1B]
CV12 -10 [SCG1B]CXN [ST300]CXN Comp -11.5 [ST250B]
Cyclone [SK32]Cyclone [SK32B]Cyclone [SK33]
Cyclone [SK33B]Cyclone [SK33BP]Cyclone [SK34]
Cyclone [SK37]Cyclone [SK38]Cyclone [SP13CY]
Cyclone -9 [FP13CY]Cyclone -9 [SK37B]Cyclone -9 [SK38B]
Cyclone -9 [SK39B]Easton -10 [SK26]Easton Fastpitch -10 [FP13EA]
FP13S1 [FS1 -10]FS1 [FP14S1]FS1 -10 [FP15S110]
FS1 -11 [FP15S111]FS2 [FP14S2]FS2 -10 [FP13S2]
FS200 [FP14S200]FS3 [FP14S3]FS3 [FP15S3]
FS3 -11.5 [FP13S3]FS300 [FP14S300]FS400 [FP14S400]
FS500 [FP14S500]FS60 -10 [FP14S60A]FX1 [FP14X1]
FX1 -8 [FP14X18]Fx1 -9 [FP13X1]FX2 [FP14X2]
FX2 -9 [FP13X2]Hammer [S5]Hammer [SK16]
Hammer [SK2]Hammer [SK4]Hammer [SK5]
Hammer [SK5]Hammer [SK6]Hammer [SP13HM]
Havoc [SZ100B]Havoc [SZ810]Havoc [SZ810B]
Havoc [SZ900]Havoc [SZ910B]Impact [SZ110B]
Indigo -11.5 [SRV15B]L1.0 [SP14L1]L1.0 Helmer [SP13L1]
L2.0 [SP14L2]L2.0 C [SP14L2C]L2.0 Wegman [SP13L2]
L4.0 C [SP14L4C]L4.0 US [SP14L4US]L5.0 [SP13L5]
L5.0 [SP14L5]L7.0 [SP13L7]L8.0 [SP13L8]
L9.0 [SP13L9]LV1.0 [SP13LV1]LV1.0 [SP14LV1]
LV2.0 [SP14LV2]LX.0 [SP14LX]MAKO [FP14MK]
Mako -10 [FP15MK10]Mako -8 [FP15MK8]Mako -9 [FP15MK9]
Mako Loaded [SP15MKC]Mako Torq [FP15MKT]Mako Youth [FP14MKY]
MAKO YOUTH [FP15MKY]Mystique -11.5 [SX66B]MYSTIQUE -11.5 [SX67B]
Mystique -13 [FP13MQ]Quantum Sc900 [ST260]Quantum Sc900 [ST260B]
Rampage [SX45BP]Rampage -11 [SX65B]React 24 [SX24]
React 50 [SX50]React 55 [SX55]React 95 [SX95]
Rebel [SZ9-B]Redline 11 [SZ11]Redline C-Core [SZ1-C]
Redline C-Core [SZ1-CB]Redline C-Core [SZ8-C]Redline C-Core [SZ8-CB]
Redline Sunbelt [SZ3]Redline Sunbelt [SZ7]Redline USA [SZ4]
Redline Z-Core [SZ5-Z]Redline Z-Core [SZ5-ZB]Reflex [SK35B]
Reflex [SP13RX]Reflex [SX40]Reflex [SX40B]
Reflex [SX51B]Reflex [SX60]Reflex [SX60B]
Reflex [SX70]Reflex [SX71]REFLEX [SX72]
Reflex -12 [SX70B]Reflex -12 [SX80B]Reflex -12 [SX81B]
Reflex C-Core [SRX100-C]Reflex C-Core [SRX100-CBX]Reflex C-Core [SRX100-CX]
Reflex Dan Schuck [SRX9DS]Reflex Dan Schuck [SRX9DSX]Reflex Gold [SRX9G]
Reflex Sheila Cornell [SRX10SCX]Reflex Sheila Cornell [SRX9SC]Reflex Sheila Douty [SRX9SC]
Reflex Todd Joerling [SRX9G]Reflex Todd Joerling [SRX9GX]Reflex Ultra C-Core Schuck [SRX1-C]
Reflex Ultra Dan [SRX2DS]Reflex Ultra-Sheila Douty [SRX2SC]Rival [SG1]
Rival [SV3]Rival XXL [SG1BXL]S1 [SP13S1]
S2 [SP13S2]S300 [SP14S300]S50 [SP1450]
S500 [SP14S500]Salvo [SRV5]Salvo Comp 100 [SP12SV100]
Salvo Comp 98 [SP12SV98]Salvo Connexion [SP12SVC]Salvo Multi-Wall 98 [SP12SVM]
Salvo Scandium 98 [SP12SVS]SC900 ConneXion [ST200B]Smoke [SK3]
Smoker [S3]SPC [SP15SPCAU]Spectre [SK1]
Stealth [SCN17]Stealth [SCN19]Stealth [SP14ST100ASP]
Stealth [SSR4]Stealth [SST3]Stealth [SST3B]
Stealth 100 [SP12ST100]Stealth 100 Helmer [SP12ST100H]Stealth 98 [SP12ST98]
Stealth BH [SCN17BH]Stealth Clarity [SSR1B]Stealth CNT [SST6]
Stealth CNT -11.5 [SST6B]Stealth Comp CNT [SCN5]Stealth Comp CNT [SCN9]
Stealth Comp CNT (-10) [SCN4B]Stealth Comp CNT (-9) [SCN5B]Stealth Comp CNT+ [SCN4]
Stealth IMX+ [SCN12]Stealth Loaded [SP15ST100LBE]Stealth Loaded [SP15ST100SBE]
Stealth Reveal [SSR1]Stealth Speed -10 [FP11ST10]Stealth Speed -9 [FP11ST9]
Stealth Speed -9 [SSR4B]Stealth Trizone 12 [SCN15BH]Stealth Trizone 13.5 [SCN15]
SV12 Ozone Power [SSV2]SV12 Ozone Power -11.5 [SSV2B]SV12-65 Flex [SSV1]
SV12-65 Flex -11.5 [SSV1B]Synergery [SCX24B]Synergy [SCN18]
Synergy [SCN20BW]Synergy [SCX14B]Synergy [SCX2 (MUST SAY NSA APPROVED ON BAT)]
Synergy [SK30]Synergy [SRV6BH]Synergy + Brett Helmer [SCN10BH]
Synergy -11 [FP13SYY]Synergy -11 [SK35]Synergy -11 [SK36]
Synergy -11 [SK41B]SYNERGY -11 [SK42]Synergy 100 [SP12SY100]
Synergy 100 Wegman [SP12SY100W]Synergy 98 [SP12SY98]Synergy 98 Helmer [SP12SY98H]
Synergy BH [SCN18BH]Synergy Clarity (-10) [SRV1B]Synergy Clarity (-8) [SRV3B]
Synergy Clarity (-9) [SRV2B]Synergy Clear [SCL1]Synergy CNT -10 [SCN8B]
Synergy CNT Fastpitch (-10) [SCN1B]Synergy CNT Fastpitch (-9) [SCN2B]Synergy CNT Flex [SCN3]
Synergy CNT Plus [SCN2]Synergy Crystal [SCL1B]Synergy Extended [SCX14]
Synergy Extended [SCX3]Synergy Extended [SP15SY100E]Synergy Flex [SCN8]
Synergy Flex [SP14SY100F]Synergy IMX+ BH [SCN12BH]Synergy Power CNT [SCN11BH]
Synergy Reveal [SRV1]Synergy Reveal BH [SRV1BH]Synergy Speed -10 [FP11SY10]
Synergy Speed -9 [FP11SY9]Synergy Speed -9 [SRV5B]Synergy Trizone 12 [SCN16BH]
Synergy Trizone 13.5 [SCN16]Synge [SRV6B]Synge -11.5 [FP11SG]
Ti-Core [SZ6-T]Tri-Shell [STS1]Tri-Shell [STS2]
Tri-Shell [STS3]Tri-Shell [STS4]Tri-Shell [STS5-B]
Tri-Shell ConneXion [STS6]Triple 7 [SX87]Triple 7 [SZ700]
Triple 7 [SZ700B]Triple 7 [SZ87B]Triple 8 [SZ800B]
Typhoon [SK40B]Typhoon [SK50B]Typhoon [SK50BP]
Typhoon -10 [SK60B]Typhoon -10 [SK61B]Typhoon -10 [SK62B]
Typhoon -11 [FP13TY]V12 - 100 Flex -12.5 [SV1B]V12 Ozone Power [SV2]
V12 Ozone Power -12.5 [SV2B]V12-100 Flex [SV1]X-Treme [SK12]
X-Treme [SK15]X-Treme [SK19]XL2 [SP13X2]
Z-Core [SZ71-Z]Z-Core [SZ71-ZB]Z-Core [SZ73-ZB]

Louisville Slugger
[AFP21] [AFPS104] [FP105]
[FP205] [FP305] [FP405]
[FP505] [FP605] [FP705]
[FP804] [FP805] [FP86M]
[FP86M] [FP904] [FPC105]
[SB104] [SB105] [SB304]
[SB305] [SB405] [SB505]
[SB604] [SB704] [SB905]
(M) (C) (U) [TPSD]Advanced Player []Advanced Player Modified Bottle [ATPS]
Advanced Player Series [SB30]Air Attack [FP7]Air Attack 2 [FP12]
Air Attack 2 [SB18]Air Attack 2-Collegiate Series [CFP12]Air C555 [FP25]
Air Epitome [FP36]Air GEN1XZ [FP103]Air Response [FP104]
Blud [TPS]Bottle [TPS]Burgundy [FP29]
Burgundy [FP38]Burgundy Bottle [FP5]Burgundy Bottle [TPS]
C555 [FP26]C555 [SB20]C555 Platinum [FP35]
Catalyst [SB206]Collegiate Series [CFP18]Deuce [FP404]
Dirk Androff [SB2]Diva [FPDV14-RR]Diva [FPDV151]
Dot Richardson [FP14]Dot Richardson - Collegiate Series [CFP14]Dot Richardson Model [FP2]
Double Action [SB29]Double Threat [SB26]Dr Dot [FP39]
Dr Dot [FP403]Dr Dot Double Gold [FP37]Dr Dot Gold [FP28]
Dr Dot Model [FP21]Dynasty [FB106]Dynasty [FP106]
Flag [FP4]FP74M []FP79M []
Gamer [SB804AS]Gamer [SB806]GEN1X [FP203]
GEN1X XXL [FP503]GEN1X XXL [SB203]Genesis [FP710G]
Girl Power [FP810GP]Gold [BFSB]Gold [SB5]
Grand Slam [ASB39AS]Grand Slam [FP806]Grand Slam [SB87GS]
H2 Hybrid [SBXH1]Inertia [FP16]Inertia - Collegiate Series [CFP16]
Lisa [FP20]Lisa [FP704]Lisa & Dot [FP8]
Lisa Air Gold [FP27]Lisa Bottle (LISA) [LISA]Lisa Fernandez Model [FP1]
Lisa Fernandez Model [WFP1]Louisville Catalyst X1 [FPXC]Louisville Slugger [FP30]
Louisville Slugger [KSB9]Louisville Slugger [SB24AS]Louisville Slugger [SB25]
Louisville Slugger [SB31]Louisville Slugger - Girl Power [FP99GP]Louisville Slugger Armor [SB12A]
Louisville Slugger Armor [SBXA]Louisville Slugger Genesis [SB11G]Louisville Slugger Genesis [SB12G]
Louisville Slugger Genesis [SBXG]Louisville Slugger Youth Softball [FP22]LXT (-10) [FPLX14-RR]
LXT (-10) [FPLX14-RR]LXT (-10) [FPLX150]LXT (-8) [FPLX14-R8]
LXT (-8) [FPLX14-R8]LXT (-8) [FPLX158]LXT (-9) [FPLX14-R9]
LXT (-9) [FPLX14-R9]LXT (-9) [FPLX159]LXT Teeball [FBLX14-RR]
M2 [FPM214-RR]M2 Pride [FP13M2]Mendoza [FP13M]
Mendoza [FPMD153]Model) [CFP103]Model) [CFP503]
Momentum [SB39AS]Platinum [FP604]Platinum XS [FP303]
Players Series [FP23]Players Series - Collegiate Series [CFP23]Power Dome [SB4]
Power Dome [TPSR]Quest [FPQS14-RR]Quest [FPQS152]
Response [FP204]Response Power Hitter [FP204P]Response Powerdome [SB504]
Response XXL End Load [SB404]Rich's Superior/TPS Power Dome AP [ATPSR]Ritch's Superior [SB3]
Samurai [FP78S]Samurai [SB77S]Samurai [SB86S]
SB11ZB [TPS Z-1000]SB76W []Scandium XS [FP504]
Series [CFP19]Silver Slugger [FP40]Silver Slugger [FP703]
Silver Slugger [SB303]Silver Slugger [SB40]Silver Slugger [WSB40]
Slash [SB78S]Sonic [SBSN15U]Springsteel [FP9]
Springsteel [SB14]Team TPS Inertia Balanced [SB17]TPS - C555 [FP17]
TPS - C555 - Collegiate Series [CFP17]TPS - Gold [SB38]TPS Advanced Player Series [SB19]
TPS Advanced Player w/CVL [ATPS]TPS Ai Balanced (C)(L) [SB21]TPS Ai End Weighted E (EL) (EK) (EC) [SB21E]
TPS Air Attack 3 [SB22]TPS Bottle - Collegiate Series [CFP13]TPS Bottle - Collegiate Series [FP13]
TPS Bottle - Dot Richardson [FP19]TPS Burgundy [FP406]TPS Burgundy Bottle [FP15]
TPS Burgundy Bottle - Collegiate Series [CFP15]TPS C405 [FP3]TPS Catalyst [FP11TB]
TPS Catalyst [FP12C3]TPS Catalyst [FP12EI]TPS Catalyst [FP71C]
TPS Catalyst [FP811C]TPS Catalyst [FPC205]TPS Catalyst [FPC305]
TPS Catalyst [FPXCM]TPS Catalyst [SB105]TPS Catalyst [SB105B]
TPS Catalyst [SB105E]TPS Catalyst [SB11C]TPS Catalyst [SB94C]
TPS Catalyst (Alum) [FP12CY]TPS Catalyst 2 [FP72C]TPS Catalyst X-1 [FP11C]
TPS Catalyst X-1 [FP11C2]TPS Catalyst X-1 [FP81C]TPS Catalyst X-1 [FP82C]
TPS Catalyst X-1 [FP83C]TPS Catalyst X-1 [FP94C]TPS Catalyst X-1 [JSB008]
TPS Catalyst X-1 [SBXC]TPS Deuce [FP306]TPS Diva [FP12DY]
TPS Dynasty [FP73D]TPS Dynasty [FP9D]TPS Dynasty Powerdome [SB406]
TPS Dynasty Powerdome [SB75P]TPS Dynasty XXL [SB306]TPS Dynasty XXL [SB74X]
TPS Exogrid [FP84X]TPS Fastpitch [FP88F]TPS Fastpitch [FPM3]
TPS Gold [SB23]TPS Gold [TPSP]TPS H2 [FP9H2]
TPS H2 [SBXH2S]TPS H2 XXL (-10 oz) [FP11H2]TPS H2 XXL (-8 oz) [FP11H28]
TPS Kozmo [FPXK]TPS Lisa Fernandez Bottle [TPSF]TPS Maverick [SB84H]
TPS Maverick Composite [SB84M]TPS Mendoza [FP86H]TPS Mendoza [FPCJM1]
TPS Mendoza (-11) [FPXM]TPS Mendoza (-13.5) [FPXMTB]TPS Mendoza Composite [FP89TB]
TPS Miracle [FP12R]TPS Modified Bottle [TPSFP]TPS Mystic [FP11Y]
TPS Mystic [FPXY]TPS Nexus [SB72N]TPS Nexus [SB81N]
TPS Nexus [SB82N]TPS Odyssey [FP75O]TPS Odyssey [FP87]
TPS Omaha [SB116]TPS Peace [FP12P]TPS Quest [FP11Q]
TPS Quest [FPXQ]TPS Quest [KFP12Q]TPS Response [SB814R]
TPS Scandium XS [FP206]TPS Sonic [SB12S]TPS Spark [FP12S]
TPS Spark [FP12S]TPS Triton [FP91T]TPS Triton [FP93T]
TPS Triton [FP96TB]TPS Triton [SB91T]TPS Triton [SBXTA]
TPS Triton (-10) [FPXT]TPS Triton (-8) [FPXT8]TPS Triton (Balanced) [SBXTB]
TPS Triton (End Load) [SBXTE]TPS Voltage [SASB78V]TPS Voltage [SB73V]
TPS Voltage Composite [SB83V]TPS Voltage II [SBXV]TPS Warrior [FP77W]
TPS Warrior [SB12W]TPS Warrior [SB85W]TPS Warrior [SBXW]
TPS Warrior XXL [SB705]TPS Warrior XXL [SB805]TPS Warrior XXL Bal. [SB705A]
TPS Xeno [FP11X]TPS Xeno (-8oz) [FP11X8]TPS Xeno (-9 oz) [FP11X9]
TPS Xeno -10 [FPRIDE]TPS XXL [FP41]TPS Z - 1000 [SB12ZAB]
TPS Z-1000 [SB11Z]TPS Z-1000 [SB11ZE]TPS Z-1000 [SB12ZAE]
TPS Z-1000 [SB12ZB]TPS Z-1000 [SB12ZE]TPS Zephyr [FPXZ]
TPS Zephyr Composite [FP85Z]TPS-Fastpitch [FP95]Triton [SB92T]
Vapor [SBVA15U]Warrior [SBWR14-RR]X12 [FPXL152]
Xeno [FBXN14-RR]Xeno (-10 oz) [FP13X]Xeno (-10) [FPXN14-RR]
Xeno (-10) [FPXN150]Xeno (-11) [FPXN151]Xeno (-8 oz) [FP13X8]
Xeno (-8) [FPXN14-R8]Xeno (-8) [FPXN158]Xeno (-9 oz) [FP13X9]
Xeno (-9) [FPXN14-R9]Xeno (-9) [FPXN159]Xeno Teeball [FBXN152]
XXL [SB37]XXL - Extreme Load [SB36]XXL - Fast Pitch [FP32]
XXL - Gold [SB27]XXL Fastpitch [FP004]Youth Softball [FP603]
Youth Softball [WFP22]Z-2000 [SBZ215U-B]Z-2000 [SBZ215U-E]
Z2000 Balanced [SB13ZAB]Z2000 Balanced [SB13ZB]Z2000 Balanced [SBZ214-UB]
Z2000 End Load [SB13ZAE]Z2000 End Load [SB13ZE]Z2000 End Load [SBZ214-UE]
Z2000 End Load [SBZ214-UE]Z3000 Balanced [SBZ314-UB]Z3000 End Load [SBZ314-UE]
Z4000 (ASA) Balanced [SBZ416A-B]Z4000 (ASA) End Load [SBZ416A-E]Zephyr [FP13Z]

[MS100CA]4 The Fallen [4FATEU]484 CAMO [MSSEC]
DC-41 [CANDCU]DC-41 [DEN41U]DC-41 [S41SMU]
DC-41 [SDC41U]DC41 [MSDC41]DC41 [SDC41C]
Decoy [MSAPC-1]DVS1 [SPDVS1]Edge [MSED]
Epic HT [MFEHT10]Filby KF30 [SFILMU]Freak [FPFK10]
Freak [MSF]FREAK [SPFXMU]Freak 4 the Fallen [4FALMA]
Freak 750X [F75XMA]Freak 98 [MSFN]Freak Black [FPFKBK]
Freak Black Max [FRKBKU]Freak Classic [FRKCLU]Freak FX 700 [SPFXBA]
Freak FX 700 [SPFXBU]Freak FX 700 [SPFXMA]Freak FX 700 Balanced [SFX7BU]
Freak FX 700 Maxload [SFX7MU]Freak FX700 [FPFX10]Freak FX700 [FPFX12]
Freak FX700 [FPFX9]Freak Ink - Jeremy Eisenhower [IZZYMU]Freak Limited Edition [MSFLE]
Freak Nasty [MFNU]Freak NXT Balanced [SFNDBU]Freak NXT Balanced [SNXTBA]
Freak NXT Balanced [SNXTBU]Freak NXT Light [FPNX12]Freak NXT Maxload [SNXTMU]
Freak NXT Supermax [SNXTMA]Freak NXT-10 [FPNX10]Freak NXT-9 [FPNX9]
Freak Players Model [MSFPPM]Freak Plus [MSFP]Freak Plus [SPFKPU]
Freak Turbo [MCFTRA]Freak Turbo [MCFTSA]Freak Turbo [MDSFTC]
Freak Turbo [MDSFTC]FreakDST Balanced [MFDSTA]FreakDST Maxload [MFDSTMA]
Fusion XLS [MSFXLS]Gold NXT FP-10 [GLDN10]Gold NXT FP-9 [GLDN9]
Gold NXT Freak FP [GLDNXT]Halo -10 [MFH10]Halo -8 [MFH8]
Halo -9 [MFH9]Halo Light [FHAL12]Halo Light [FPHL12]
Halo Light [LTHALO]Halo Light [MFHL 12]Halo Light 2013 [HALO12]
HHD []Icon FP10 [MFI10]Icon Light [MFIL12]
Icon-9 FP [MFI9]Intensit-E [MFI-3]Intensit-E [MFIU]
Intensit-E [MFIU]Intersit-E [FPIE10]Kelly's Super Freak [FRK98A]
KF-30 [FILB30]KF-30 Kevin Filby [FILBMU]Long Haul Bomber [MSLHBU]
M-Pulse [MFM]Mafia [SPMAFA]Mafia [SPMAFU]
Maniac [DSGMCA]Maniac [MANDSG]Maniac [SPMANA]
Maniac [SPMDA]Maniac 282 [MSMC-2]Maniac 484 [MSMC-4]
Maniac 484 FP [MFMC]Mega Maniac 585 [MSMM]MSBTSA [Burn 98]
MSCA-1 [Chaos]MSFTDSG [Freak Turbo]MV-1 Balanced [MSMV1BU]
MV-1 Maxload [MSMV1MU]MV-1Maxload [SPMVMU]MV-3 Balanced [MV3U]
MV-3 FP10 [FPMV3C10]MV-3 FP9 [FPMV3C9]MV-3 Light [FPMV3C12]
MV-3 Supermax [MV3MU]MXB balanced [MSMXBBU]MXB Maxload [MSMXBMU]
Nemesis Balanced ASA [MSNFA]Nemesis Max Load ASA [MSNMA]NRG [MSNRGR]
NRG [MSNRGS]NRG Pro-Series 500 [MSNRG-5]NRG Pro-Series 500 Fastpitch [MFNRG]
NRG Pro-Series 500 Maxload [MSNRGM-5]NRG Pro-Series 600 [MSNRG-6]NRG Pro-Series 600 Maxload [MSNRGM-6]
OKC [MFKC]Psycho [SPSYBU]Psycho Balanced [MSPFU]
Psycho DC [SPDCU]Psycho Maxload [CANPMU]Psycho Maxload [SYCHBU]
Psycho Special Edition [MSPSE]Psycho Supermax [IZZY2M]Psycho Supermax [MSPMU]
Psycho Supermax [SPSYMU]Psycho-Jeremy Isenhower [SPIZMU]Rain FP [MFRCA2]
Rain Light - 12FP [MFRL12]Recoil [MSRFA]Recoil [MSRFU]
Recoil Maxload [MSRMA]Recoil Maxload [MSRMU]RevEx [FREV10]
RevEx [FREV9]RevEx [FRVX10]RevEx [FRVX9]
RevEx Balanced [SREVBU]RevEx Light [FreV12]RevEx Light [FRVX12]
RevEx Maxload [SREVMU]RZR [SPRZRA]Super Freak [SKSFA]
Super Freak DST [SKSFA]Super Freak DST [SKSFA]Super Freak FP98 [FPSF10]
Super Freak Maxload [FRKMKU]Super Freak Maxload [SF1PCU]Super Freak Maxload [SF2PCU]
Super Freak Maxload [SFRKMU]Super Freek Maxload [MSSFM]T22C6 [MSTC]
Triad / 4 The Fallen [S4FALU]Triad FP [FPTD10]Triad Xtreme [FPTR10]
Triad3 Maxload [STR3MU]Triad3 Maxload [STRIMU]Ultra 750 Max [ULTALL]
Ultra 750X Canada [U75MU2]Ultra 750X Maxload [ULTMXU]Velocit-E [MSVA]
Velocit-E [MSVE-1]Velocit-E [MSVE-2]Velocit-E [SPVELA]
Velocit-E [SPVELA]Velocit-E II [MSVE-3]Vicious [MS100C]
Vicious 100 alloy [SPVSA]Viper 14 [MSV4]Viper12 [MSV3]

Blackout [340271]Blackout Balanced [340291]Blackout Shadow [340301]
Blackout Shadow [340301]Blur [MZC-7]Blur Advanced [MZC-8]
Craze [340224]CRAZE [340244]CRAZE-XTREME [340225]
CRAZE-XTREME [340245]Crush 2 [340107]Crush G3 [340119]
Crush G3 [340125]Crush G5 [340149]Envy []
Finch 2 [MZA-2]Frenzy 120 [RB500 / 12.5]Frenzy 120 [RB500 / 14.0]
Frenzy 2 [340195]Frenzy 2 Xtreme [340198]Frenzy Fastpitch []
Jennie Finch FP [340162]Jennie Finch FP [MZA1]Jennie Finch Signature Series Adult [340120]
Jennie Finch Signature Series Youth [340121]Techfire [MZC1]Techfire "Fury" [MZC3]
Techfire "Rage" [MZC2]Techfire CRUSH [MZC4]Techfire CRUSH [MZS3-2]
Techfire Fastpitch [MZC5]Techfire Fastpitch -10 [-10]Techfire Fastpitch -9 [-9]
Techfire Wrath II - 120 []TechfireFP [MZS3-3]Whiteout [340285]
Whiteout -10 Balanced [340272]Whiteout -10 End Load [340287]Whiteout -8 Balanced [340274]
Whiteout -9 Balanced [340273]Whiteout 2 FP (-10) [340305]Whiteout 2 FP (-10) Balanced [340305]
Whiteout 2 FP (-10) End Load [340308]Whiteout 2 FP (-10) Xtreme [340308]Whiteout 2 FP (-8) [340303]
Whiteout 2 FP (-8) Balanced [340303]Whiteout 2 FP (-9) [340304]Whiteout 2 FP (-9) Balanced [340304]
Whiteout 2 FP (-9) End Load [340307]Whiteout 2 FP (-9) Xtreme [340307]Whiteout 2 FP (12.5) [340306]
Whiteout 2 FP Custom [340302]Whiteout Custom [340279]Whiteout FP (12.5) [340306]
Wrath []Wrath 120 [BS-M-K4]Wrath Extended (ASA) [340153]
Wrath Extended 120 [340155]Wrath Fastpitch [340134]

[SPSTRV3] [SPTRMP2]Amanda Freed [FP21AF]
Amanda Freed [FP31AF]Amanda Freed [FPANT]Amanda Freed [FPPAR]
Amanda Freed Signature [FP3AF]Amanda Freed Signature [FP550AF]Ambush [FP1AM]
Ambush [FP1AM2]Ambush [FP1AM2]Ambush [SP1AM]
Ambush [SP1AM2]Ambush [SP1AM2]Anthem [FPANT2]
Caliber [FPCLBR]Caliber [SPCLBR]Cobalt [FPCOB]
Cobalt [FPVCTY]Elite Stick [FP3]Elite Stick/C555 [FP950]
Elite Stick/Scandium [FP1050]Fuel [FPFL5]Fuel [SPFL4]
Instinct [FPI13]Instinct [FPINS]Instinct [FPINS2]
ION [SPFL3]ION [SPIO]Liquidmetal [FPLM]
Liquidmetal [FPLM2]Liquidmetal Plasma Fusion [FPLMPF]Nemesis [FPNEM2]
Plasma [FPLMPM]Plasma [FPPLA2]Plasma [FPPLAS]
Plasma [SBLMP120]Plasma [SBLMPFA]Plasma [SBLMPFU]
Plasma [SPLMP12]Plasma Gold [FPLMPG]Plasma98 [SBLMP98]
Recon [SPPAR]Recon [SPREC]Renegade [FPREN2]
Renegade [SPREN2]Rush Comp [FPRSHCT]Rush Comp [SBRSHCTA]
Rush Comp [SBRSHCTU]Rush Gold FP [FPRSHGD]Scandium GT [FPSGT]
Silverback/ACL [SBACL]Silverback/Innertech [SB1]Silverback/Innertech2 [SBIN2]
Strive [FPSTRV]Strive [SPSTRV2]Triumph [FPTRMP]
Triumph [SPTRMP]Velocity [FPVCTY3]

Dictator [VDASP]Dictator Plus [VDUSP]Melee [VMASP]
Melee Plus [VMUSP]Vector O-Tech [VOASP]Vector Plus O-Tech [VOUSP]

Rip-It Elite FP [REFP1]Rip-It Force [FORC1]RIP-IT Force [FORC6]
Rip-It Force FP BCT [FORC3]RIP-IT Force Light [FORL1]Rip-It Foxy FP [FOXY1]
Rip-It Reaper [REAP2]RIP-IT Reaper [REAP6]Rip-It Reaper 1.20 bpf [REAP1]
Rip-It Reaper BCT [REAP3]RIP-IT Reaper Light [REAL1]Rip-It Senior ASA [RESR2]

RUDE American
MOAB [RA31P-10]MOAB [RA34S-10FP]

Bandit []Bustos []Schutt []
Schutt + []

[3DX] [3DXB] [3DXE]
[C5SP] [DT3XSP] [EST23]
[EST23E] [EST5] [EST5C]
[EST5E] [EST5K] [EST8.5]
[FF3DX] [FP11] [FP4B]
[M7JHA] [MAX120] [MSFP]
[PST120] [PSTZ98] [QESTFP]
[SBM54J] [SBM54R] [SBM75U]
[SW410] [SW4FP] [SW4FP2]
[W2SB7] [W3FP7] [W8FP]
[Wicked] [WINFP] [WINSP]
2 Legit [FPLGC]2 Legit [FPLGC9]454 [FP454]
454 [KS454A]454 [SB454A]454 [SB454L]
454 [SB454R]454 [SB454U]454 Balanced [SB4BU]
454 Legit [SB4LA]454 Legit [SB4LUS]454 Legit FP -9 [FPL49]
454 Legit FP-10 [FP4L10]454 Legit FP-10 [FPL410]454 Legit FP-12 [FP4L12]
454 Legit FP-8 [FP4L8]454 Legit FP-9 [FP4L9]454 Mutant [SB4MA]
454 Mutant [SB4MUS]454 MUTANT [SBM454]454 Reload - Jeff Hall [SB4JHU]
454 Resmondo Legit [SB4RUS]454 Warfighter [SBWARU]454 Warfighter [SBWARUP]
Amp Reload [SBA5UA]AMP Slapper [FPSLP2]Asylum [ASY120]
Asylum [ASY98]Asylum [ASYFP]Black EST [BLAC98]
Blade [W74E5]Blade [W8EST2]Blade [W8SB]
Blue EST [BLUE98]Charm [FPC10]D1 [FPD1A]
D2E Sick 454 [SBSKXU]Eclipse [FPE512]Eclipse [FPEC12]
Eclipse [FPECL]Eclipse [FPECL3]Eclipse [FPEVIB]
EST 375 [SBESTC]Fastpitch [ALFP]Fastpitch [W1FPT]
Fastpitch [WSPK]Filthy [KSFILU]Filthy - Jeff Hall [KSJHFU]
Filthy - Jeff Hall [KSJHMU]Filthy120 [KS4US]Filthy98 [KS4FA]
Freedom [FR10W]Freedom [WSPK2]Freedomn [FR10]
Fulk220 [SBF2RU]Hybrid [HYBFP]Insanity [ALXSBW]
Insanity [FPNSTY]Insanity [FPNSY2]Insanity [INFP]
Insanity [SBINS6]Insanity Gold [WIC98]Instinct [SBINS6]
Jeff Hall Titan [SBJHU]Keilani Storm HyperLite [FPKS13]Legit [FPLG10]
Legit [FPLG11]Legit [FPLG11]Legit [FPLG9]
Legit [FPLGT]Legit - Keilani Ricketts [FPL511]Legit 220 Balanced [SBL2BU]
Legit 220 Jeff Hall [SBL2JU]Legit Balanced [SBL5U]Legit Balanced [SBLU3]
Legit Jeff Hall [SBL5UJ]Legit Jeff Hall Endload [SBLUJH]Legit Resmondo Max End Load [SBLUR]
Legit Resmondo Max Endload [SBL5UR]Legitt 220 Resmondo [SBL2RU]Lithium Amp [LAMPSB]
LQUAD [LQUAD]M7JH120-MayhemM7 Reloaded [M7JH]Mayham [M75FP]
Mayham M7 Reload [M7JH98]Mayhem [MAY120]Mayhem [MAY120U]
Mayhem [MAY98]Mayhem [MAY98A]Mayhem [MAYFP]
Mayhem [MAYMLA]Mayhem [MXLPD]Mayhem [SBBJUS]
Mayhem [SBM5UA]Mayhem [SBMBJ2]Mayhem [SBMGC]
Mayhem [SBMTDA]Mayhem [SBMUA]Mayhem - BJ Fulk [SBMUBJ]
Mayhem - Greg Connell [SBMGC3]Mayhem -8 High Momentum [M7FP8]Mayhem 120 [M7120]
Mayhem Balanced [SBM5UA]Mayhem Balanced [SBM5UA]Mayhem BJ Fulk [SBMBJA]
Mayhem BJ Fulk [SBMUBJ]Mayhem Comp FP [FPMCW]Mayhem Composite [FPMC]
Mayhem Fast Pitch [M7FP]Mayhem FPEX -12 [FPEXM]Mayhem GC Reload [SBMGC2]
Mayhem Hybrid [SBMAYH]Mayhem M7 Composite [M798]Mayhem M75 [M75120]
Mayhem M75 [M7598]Mayhem Max Endload [MAYMLU]Mayhem Maxload [MAYMXL]
Mayhem Maxload [SBMXLU]Mayhem Reload [JH120]Mayhem Reload [M7H120]
Mayhem Reload [MH120]Mayhen Balanced [SBMHU]Michele Smith [W3FP]
Multant - Jeff Hall [KSMJH1]Mutant [MUT120]Mutant [MUT98]
Mutant 120 [SBMTD]Mutant Jeff Hall 120 [MUTJH1]Mutant Jeff Hall 98 [MUTJHA]
Powercell [B5CABFP]Powercell [MOD2SB]Powercell [MODF10]
Powercell [W2FP]Prodigy [FPPCX2]Prodigy [LFP13]
Prodigy [POC120]Prodigy [POC98]Prodigy [POC98R]
Quad [QOCFP]Quad [QOCFP2]Rams 454 [SBRAMA]
Rams 454 [SBRAMA]Reload [SBRLD]Reload EST [SBRLDE]
Resmondo - Bubba Mack [SBRBMU]Resmondo Duo 3 [SBDUO3]Resmondo Duo Mutant [SBMDUO]
Resmondo Mutant [SBMR54]Resmondo Titan 5.4L [SBLER]Resmondo Titan 5.4L [SBTR54]
Resmondo Unlimited [SB4RGC]Resmondo World Series Edition [SBRWSE]Revolver [REVEST]
Revolver [REVFP]Revolver [REVTST]RS454A [454]
Sick 454 [FPS512]Sick 454 [FPSIC9]Sick 454 [FPSICK]
Sick 454 [FPSK10]Sick 454 [FPSK12]Sick 454 [FPSK9]
Sick 454 Balanced [SBSBU]Sick 454 Balanced - Greg Connell [SBSKBU]Sick 454 Jeff Hall [SBSJHU]
Sick 454 Jeff Hall [SBSKJU]Sick 454 Resmondo [SBSRU]Sick 454 Resmondo Max End Load [SBSKRU]
Silencer [SBBC]Silencer [SILFP]Silencer [SILSB]
Silencer [W7FP]Silencer [W7SB]Silencer Chrome X [ALFP2]
Silencer Chrome X [ALXSB]Sinister [SBSIN]Siren [SRNFP2]
Siren 6061 [SRNFP]Steelers [SBESNX]Steelers [SBSTL]
Storm [FPOS13]Storm [FPST13]Storm [FPSTM2]
Storm [SBSTM]Storm [SBSTMX]Storm 6061 [SBSTM]
Storm FP-13 [FPLSTM]Storm HyperLite [FPLT13]Storm HyperLite [FPLT13]
Team 454 Reload [SB45US]Team Canada Signature Series 454 Max Enload [SB4TC]Titan [FPT54L]
Titan [SBTMAX]Titan [SBTSBF]Titan [SBTUS]
Titan [SBTV1B ]Titan [SBTVIB]Titan [SBTVIB]
Titan 120 Jeff Hall [SBTTJH]Titan 5.4L [SBT542]Titan 98 [SBTTNA]
Titan FP10 [FPTTN]Titan FP9 [FPTTN9]Titan Pride [FPTPU]
Toxic [FPTOX]Toxic [FPTX11]Toxic [SBAMPA]
Toxic [SBBJA]Toxic [SBBJA]Toxic [SBTNC2]
Toxic [SBTOX]Toxic [SBTWB]Toxic [SBTXA]
Toxic [SBTXA]Toxic [SBTXAB]Toxic [SBTXAB]
War Fighter Team Drash [SB4WFA]War Fighter Team Drash [SB4WFU]Warpath [SBW5UA]
Warpath [SBWPSW]Whiplash [W3SB]Whiplash [W4FP]
Whiplash [W4SB7]Wicked [SBWCT]Wicked [WICSB]